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Indoor Lights

Indoor Lights
Description:Modern pendant lights made by aluminium lampshade. Create a warm and comfortable feel to your home.Material:AluminiumMeasurement:Length - 800mmWidth - 400mmHeight - 280mmWeight - 0.3kgOthers Information:Light bulb included (bulb brightness - E27 Holder)..
Description:Designer floor lights made by metal shade and wood stand. Consist of black and beige colour to bring your house into modern look.Material:Metal, WoodMeasurement:Length - 1500mmWidth - 500mmWeight - 2.5kgOthers Information:Light bulb excluded...
Description:Modern chandelier designed with 19 crystal diamond-drop. Made by metal and acrylic to create luxury look. Best for living room and bedroom decor. Material:Crystal, Metal, AcrylicMeasurement:Length - 220mmWidth - 400mmHeight - 220mmWeight - 4kgOthers Information:LED light bulb includ..
Description:Minimalist design pendant lights designed with stylish branch. Made by metal and acrylic to create a modern look to your home.Material:Metal, AcrylicMeasurement:Length - 900mmWidth - 700mmHeight - 380mmWeight - 3kgOthers Information:LED light bulb included (Build-in brightness: 40W/ 3 co..
Description: Modern Ceiling Lights designed with round glass lampshade and metal accessories. Bring your home an outstanding feels. Best for living room and bedroom decor.Material:Metal, GlassMeasurement:Length - 260mmWidth - 500mmHeight - 260mmWeight - 4kgOthers Information:Light bulb included (bul..
Description:Modern style LED pendant lights made by handblown glass and metal. Best for living room and bedroom decor to create a luxury home look.Material:Metal, GlassMeasurement:Length - 900mmWidth - 700mmHeight - 3900mmWeight - 3kgOthers Information:Light bulb included (bulb brightness - G9 Holde..
Description:Modern wall lights made by metal lampshade. Provide a playful decor with light green colour. Best for kid's bedroom and child's room decor.Material:MetalMeasurement:Length - 200mmWidth - 100mmWeight - 1.0kgOthers Information:Light bulb included...
Description:Retro wall lights come with ship steering wheel design. Consist of 3 colours: yellow, dark brown,white to create a modern look. Best for living room and bedroom decor.Material:Wood, Steel, GlassMeasurement:Length - 700mmWidth - 500mmWeight - 2.0kgOthers Information:Light bulb excluded...
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